FloOR Dry

Spurrier Medical recognizes the financial constraints imposed on hospitals and surgical centers.

To meet your budget and waste fluid needs, we are proud to offer the FloOR-Dry Disposable Absorbent Pads at 30% less expensive than the competitors' list prices.

The FloOR-Dry Pad is ideal for all fluid-intense procedures and practical for surgical and non-surgical applications - anywhere fluid of any kind is a problem.

The white FloOR-Dry Pad offers the highest absorption capacity on the market - over 7 liters of fluid - that's 2 gallons! White pads measure 36" x 36".

The green FloOR-Dry Pad is themo-bonded with "dimples" for added durability, which allows rollability for stools, surgical carts or other equipment with wheels. Green pads are 32" x 36".

Place the FloOR-Dry Pad on the floor of your surgical area, at your scrub sink or wherever fluid accumulates. The FloOR-Dry Pad is intended for single use. Simply dispose with other bio-hazardous waste or incinerate.