Surgical Tunnelers & Trocars

HD Surgical is a recognized leader in the manufacturing of Stainless Steel Disposable Tunnelers for long-term dialysis catheter placement and also disposable and reusable trocars for laparoscopic and other various surgical procedures.

Utilizing the most advanced computer-controlled manufacturing equipment and highly skilled personnel, we offer quality products unsurpassed in sharpness and cleanliness. Working closely with many leading surgeons and medical device and component companies, we have developed and manufactured many different styles of tunnelers and trocars with various point configurations from surgically sharp cutting edges to blunt "obtuator" type distal ends. At the proximal end we offer barbed fittings, threaded fittings, ring handles, molded hubs or to your specifications. In addition to high-volume production of these products, we also offer design and prototyping services.

Following the most current FDA and ISO guidelines, you can be assured that Quality is built into every part. Starting with careful selection of raw materials complete with certification through in-process inspection of the machining operations onto 100% inspection under magnification and, of course, protective packaging. All parts are certified and lot controlled for complete traceability.

We realize that cost is always a major concern. Through our proprietary manufacturing method, we can offer you the lowest prices anywhere.